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Coral Frenzy `The Ultimate Coral Food` 28G

Coral Frenzy was developed to reach certain specifications for feeding a coral tank It was designed to be an all in one food source for your corals so you would not have to hassle with 10 different foods to satisfy all of your coralsCORAL FRENZY CONTAINS:Oyster Larvae Salmon Roe Fish Protein Rotifers Copepods Daphnia Dunaliella salina Haematococcus Pluvialis Spirulina Schizochytrium It is rich in amino acids proteins carotenoids HUFA PUFA Omega 3 6 fatty acidsThe combination of these ingredients creates a notable feeding response and helps with coral growth and color as they consume the product Coral Frenzy is a great food for sps lps zoanthids softies and other filter feeding organismsPARTICLE SIZE: 531700 micronsNUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS:Crude Protein min 528 Crude Fat min 98 Crude Fiber max 16 Ash max 142 Moisture max 68 Omega 3 min 267 Omega 6 min 106


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