Marineland Penguin Power Filter Up To 20-Gallon 100 Gph

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For more than 40 years Marineland has been committed to fishkeeping success By applying biological science advanced engineering and imagination to fishkeeping Marineland continues to be the leader in innovative aquatic environments equipment Today that spirit of innovation is alive and well at Marineland Whatever your passion fresh or saltwater big or small count on Marineland to bring you the most reliable the most technically advanced the highest quality aquariums and accessories on the market All Penguin BIOWheel Power Filters deliver easy threestage mechanical chemical and biological aquarium filtration Convenient Penguin RiteSize Filter Cartridges come ready to use with each filterready to mechanically and chemically remove waste discoloration and odors Each contains new fasteracting Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon for maximum efficiency Biological filtration is provided by the revolutionary and patented BIOWheel proven best at removing toxic ammonia and nitrite All BIOWheel filters feature NoiseReducing TwoPiece Vented Covers and Adjustable MidLevel Intake Strainers
Penguin Power Filters: Easy and Effective Filtration Penguin BIOWheel Power Filters deliver effective easy 3stage aquarium filtrationwithout the hassle of air pumps valves and tubing or air stones Convenient RiteSize Filter Cartridges come ready to use with each filter to mechanically and chemically remove waste discoloration and odors Biological filtration is provided by the revolutionary BIOWheelproven best at removing toxic ammonia and nitrite Additional Features TwoPiece Vented Cover: Designed for convenient filter cartridge access and quiet operation Adjustable MidLevel Intake: Attaches to the intake tube for improved water circulation 3Stage FiltrationStage 1: Mechanical Filtration At this stage the Penguin RiteSize Filter Cartridge floss screens out dirt and debris and utilizes a patented ribbed back for maximum water to carbon contact Stage 2: Chemical Filtration Black Diamond Premium Activated carbon works to remove odors discoloration and impuritiesStage 3: Biological Filtration The patented BIOWheel eliminates toxic ammonia and nitrite on contact and is designed to grow the beneficial bacteria needed for biological filtration The BIOWheel now features 50 more surface area Pick the Right Filter for Your Size AquariumCertified Flow Rate Aquarium SizePenguin 100 100 GPH Up to 20 gallonsPenguin 150 150 GPH Up to 30 gallonsPenguin 200 200 GPH Up to 50 gallonsPenguin 350 350 GPH Up to 70 gallonsStartUp and Maintenance The Penguin Power Filter requires virtually no setup making it perfect for any fish lover Simply follow the manual in connecting the parts and then hang the filter onto the back of your tank Be sure to prime your filter with aquarium water before you plug it in Once you have setup your filter you can adjust the water flow by using the midlevel strainer After the initial set up maintenance of this filter is quite easy Simply remove and replace the filter cartridge after approximately one month and clean the filter as needed It is also important to maintain an adequate water level in your tank to insure your Penguin Power filter runs quietly and efficiently Find the RiteSize Filter for You Each Penguin Power Filter comes with one Marineland RiteSize Filter Cartridge Take a look below to see which cartridge is correct for your filter and ensure proper maintenanceRiteSize A Cartridge RiteSize B Cartridge RiteSize C CartridgeFits Penguin 100 and Mini Power Filters Fits Penguin 125 150 Power Filters Fits Penguin 170 200 330 350 Power FiltersTetra Water Care Tetra sets the bar high in water care treatment and maintenance with a fourstep colorcoded system From aquarium startup and routine maintenance to trouble shooting solutions and testing Tetra offers everything you need to keep your aquarium water healthy Take a look at the chart below to see the full line of Tetra water care treatments and testing suppliesStartUpNew Aquarium Tetra SafeStart allows you to safely add fish to your tank immediatelyMaintenanceUse AquaSafe whenever adding water to neutralize chlorine and heavy metals Use EasyBalance weekly to keep your water chemistry balancedSolutionsHigh ammonia Use AmmoniaSafe liquid or tablets Cloudy water Clear it up with WaterClarifier Liquid or Tablets Algae issues Keep in check with AlgaeControl liquid or No More Algae tabletsTestingTetra EasyStrips make regular water testing a breeze



Weight 1.7 oz
Dimensions 5.39 × 8.19 × 5.51 in


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