Tetra Whisper Ap150 Aquarium Air Pump For Deep Water Applications

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Size:Up to 150Gallons
Product Description
The Tetra Whisper AP150 Aquarium Air Pump delivers air where fish need it most This powerful pump adds dramatic bubble effects to tanks as tall as 8 feet Deliver air to all of your powered accessories with just one pump the Tetra Whisper DeepWater series can run up to 10 accessories in tanks up to 24 deep typically 90 to 180 gallons Never buy another pump or worry about oxygen in your aquarium water the Tetra Whisper AP150 Aquarium Air Pump carries a limited lifetime warranty see product packaging for details Whisper Air Pumps are Tetra brands most powerful line of air pumps The pumps are designed for situations that produce greater back pressure such as deep tanks up to 8 feet deep long decorator air stones multiple air stones in one or more tanks and protein skimmers for saltwater UL Listed Since 1951 Tetra has developed the worlds most comprehensive body of fish food knowledge and fishkeeping enthusiasts have looked to the brand for products and solutions that add ease and beauty to their home Whether youre an experienced hobbyist or just starting out Tetra has everything you need from a large variety of quality fish food and innovative equipment to test kits and decor
Tetra Whisper Air Pumps Help Keep Your Tank Quiet Tetra Whisper Air Pumps keep your aquarium oxygen levels high helping keep your fish healthy And with seven different sized pumps there is sure to be one that is perfect for your aquarium This line of air pumps has a unique dome shape and rubber feet This flattens sound wave frequencies and helps prevent them from reflecting off of surfaces such as tables and shelves allowing your pump to produce minimal noise Whisper Air Pumps can be used in deep tanks up to 8 feet deep and have enough strength to power long decorator air stones multiple air stones in one or more tanks and protein skimmers for salt water aquariums Every Tetra pump also comes with a lifetime limited warrantyWhat Size is Right for MeProduct Aquarium SizeWhisper Air Pump 10 Up to 10 GallonsWhisper Air Pump 20 Up to 20 GallonsWhisper Air Pump 40 Up to 40 GallonsWhisper Air Pump 60 Up to 60 GallonsWhisper Air Pump 100 Up to 100 GallonsWhisper Air Pump 150 Up to 150 GallonsWhisper Air Pump 300 Up to 300 GallonsWhisper Pumps Produce a More Oxygenated AquariumTetras Whisper pumps will keep both you and your underwater friends happy The pumps provide oxygen which is good for your fish and tank and also provide water movement Combining these two benefits will lead to better water conditions overall The underwater bubbles produced by the machine also add a mesmerizing touch enhancing the look of your aquarium These pumps are the most powerful line that Tetra offers ensuring that you are getting the best quality pump availableTetraCare Sign up for TetraCare to help you be successful in your fishkeeping endeavor This is a totally free program with the purchase of these aquarium systems and provides online and over the phone support Once you register youll receive specially timed emails to guide you through the first six months of your aquarium experience and beyond Free direct access to our TetraCare Team is just a phone call away Just call 18004236458 Help is available seven days a week



Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 3.9 × 7.28 × 5 in


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