List of products by brand Aqua Craft Products

Aqua Craft Products® produces four brands of marine salts for the aquarium industry

Aqua Craft Products® items are utilized internationally in public aquatic displays, universities, laboratories, aqua culture facilities, various state and government agencies, for research and associated scientific study of captive marine organisms as well as home marine aquariums world wide. Aqua Craft®, Inc. also produces a full line of fresh water aquarium and pond items. Aqua Craft®, Inc. also holds multiple patents for an advanced liquid-gas-contact reaction medium.


Aqua Craft Products® researched and developed, then brought to market items that were employed in pioneer marine fish breeding programs from 1971-1974. Aqua Craft®, Inc. was among the first to breed, raise, advertise and sell tank raised clown fish (through multiple generations) in a 100% artificial sea water medium. That included all first foods.


Aqua Craft Products® provided Marine Environment® dual phase formula™ for use in the worlds first captive spawning of red polyp head corals in 1974, mandarin fish in 1976. Marine Environment® dual phase formula™ was utilized at Boise State University in 1980 for the worlds first viable captive breeding of Chambered nautilus