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Change the way you see your aquatic world with ecoxotics aquarium lighting.

bright idea from the talented engineers at Ecoxotic, this 24-hour lighting solution produces brilliant full spectrum output, offers exceptionally flexible control, and delivers remarkable energy efficiency (E-30 draws only 16 watts at full power!). Whether you have a planted paradise, a Cichlid sanctuary or a marine masterpiece, the E-Series is an obvious choice for aquarists demanding superior quality and performance.

The E-Series LED light features two fully adjustable channels employing the perfect combination of white daylight (8,000K) and RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) LEDs. Specifically, the E-30 holds 8 white and 2 RGB LED chips. It produces spectacular color rendition and shimmer for a visually enhanced aquascape, and provides a healthy dose of PAR to support aquatic plant growth. To promote uniform light coverage and seamless color blending, all E-Series fixtures are equipped with dual polished reflectors and 120° optics.

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